Cathay Communication is more than a marketing and communications agency.
We are a global one-stop-shop* solution, with a special focus on China.

In the fast paced world of marketing you have to be both global and a local to succesfully enter and conquer new markets. This is what Cathay Communication offers: the best service for you on any target market. We speak your language, understand your goals and offer the most efficient solutions

With Cathay Group’s presence in 60+ countries, we can be as local as you want us to be! We offer services wherever your business needs us. Entering a new market is a highly delicate process. By being partners with the best marketing agencies everywhere, we can remove the frustration of your global expansion.

Cathay Communication is the bridge you need, by being able to be as Chinese as you need and as local as your new customers needs it to be.

* Cathay Group provides legal, tax related and investment advice in more than 85 countries, while Cathay Communication, launched only three month ago, is present in more than 60 countries, with its agency network growing every day.


Cathay Communication is a network of independent communication agencies forming a global alliance with the aim to support the connection between China and the rest of the world.

Cathay Communication covers more than 60 countries, providing access to communication services on all five continents, with in-depth market knowledge and connections in every single country. We offer you our seamless services across international boundaries, and the right tools to tap into the opportunities offered by the global markets and the continuously growing, yet challenging economies of China and Asia.

Let it be a Chinese investment searching its place across the borders, a startup looking for business possibilities on the vast Chinese landscape, a brand trying to enter China or any other country, or a Chinese brand trying to succeed on new markets – we are here to support you.

We believe that to successfully mediate ‘between these two worlds’ you have to understand both, which is impossible without deep local knowledge. That is why we have several Chinese partners ensuring that Cathay has the knowledge to ‘translate’ between the needs of Chinese and non-Chinese partners, whatever their business may be.

We are a powerhouse of special knowledge, unique tools and solutions, on a scale that is hard to describe – from the profound knowledge of the blockchain world to covering the African market, from the scientific approach of the communication profession to creating new advertising formats, our members have it all – for the benefit of the full network.

We believe that to succeed in the 21st century, you have to acquire a global-local way of thinking.
We are global (with members all over the world) and we are local (our members have all the local knowledge you will ever need).
Together we are more than the sum of our parts.


Branding (strategy, creation, localization, customer journey)
Communication strategies
Creative concepts
Print ads
Outdoor ads
Radio spots
Ambient solutions
Online ads
Digital agency tasks
Social media tasks
Influencer marketing
Guerrilla marketing
Unconventional marketing
Content production
Multilanguage content providing and localization
Photo shoots
Video production, post-production, 3D animation
Presentations (PPT or Prezi)

Corporate identity
Internal communication solutions
Employers branding
Packaging designs
Public Relations
Crisis Communication
Issues Management
Reputation Management
Talent management and sports marketing
Public affairs
Web developments
UX/UI Design
Mobile app developments (iOS, Android)
WeChat app developments
Siri/Alexa developments

Digital media buying
Traditional media buying (tv, print, outdoor etc.)
Performance marketing campaigns
Sales house tasks
Database management and solutions
BTL Activities
Event and conference organizing
Event management
Media trainings
Top management coaching
Printing tasks
Other manufacturing tasks
Interviews/focus groups
Market and Investment Research and Analyses
Media intelligence
Business intelligence



As part of the global Cathay Group, Cathay Communication is in the position to directly assist you with a wide range of business, marketing and communication solutions in 85+ countries. We take care of our customers and all their global, regional or local requirements in the world business and finances. Wherever you are, there is a Cathay Group local office nearby that can offer specialized services and marketing-communication solutions.

Cathay Group is a full-service bridge builder platform that is proud to be totally Chinese, an Asia specialist and Western at the same time.  After years of hard work, we are now present in more than 85 countries, having an up and running legal (Cathay Associates), M&A (Cathay Advisory), media and entertainment (Cathay IESP) and intellectual property advisory network (Cathay IP). Our global tax advisory (Cathay Tax) and finance leg (Cathay Accounting & Audit) are also being developed.

In various countries and regions around the world, we enjoy a reputation for creating and managing mutually beneficial multilateral business connections in an innovative and dependable manner.

We are proud to be capable of building bridges that arch over massive distances, both physically and figuratively speaking, whilst establishing and cultivating bonds that could not exist without our expertise. Please search for your nearest Cathay location below, on the world map and connect with us.